We at SoniaJ believe in the power of small and what change it can bring. We support and are passionate about the tiny home movement and how the concept of consuming less can have big impact on our environment and lifestyle. We believe in using resources responsibly and SPACE is one of them. Keeping that passion, philosophy and cause in mind for our planet and fellow human beings, we are excited to offer and share our design skills to create custom home decor for tiny homes, Airstreams and RV's. 

A small space requires creative use of different design elements to create a feeling of comfort, home, space and functionality. We will help your vision to take shape and will guide you along your creative decisions to create a unique home and help you find that balance. We will help you select fabrics, patterns, colors, styles, themes and ideas and will design and make them for you to reflect your lifestyle, passion and hobbies.

We currently worked on a 1986 Airstream remodel and redid all the upholstery, curtains, bedding and throw pillows. Below are the project before and after pictures.

​We undertake projects nationwide and can ship your products anywhere in the world.

To view more projects, visit- www.Dwellwrights.com